Should You Try This Manscaped Groin Spray?

Should You Try This Manscaped Groin Spray?

We’re pretty suspicious about a lot of male grooming products. Give us a good soap and water wash and towel dry any day and we’re happy. But apparently there are still some dudes out there for whom that doesn’t do the job on their groin funk, and now grooming company Manscaped is offering a “groin spritz” to help you feel fresher in your package.

They call it the Crop Reviver, and enterprising reviewer Tres Dean over at The Inventory put it through its paces.

Advertising a liquid that you squirt on your balls as a “mid-afternoon pick-me-up” is a pretty bold choice - we’re not aware of any scientific research that links fresh-feeling gonads to counteracting those 3pm doldrums at work. But according to the reviewer, the end result isn’t a burst of energy, but rather a soothing, warming sensation. He gave himself a squirt of the Manscaped Crop Reviver after a run and seemed to really enjoy the effects. Whether you’ll feel the same is still to be determined.

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