Watching This Smiley Face Stress Ball Get Destroyed Hurts


One of our resolutions for 2017 is to try and decrease the amount of stress we’re feeling in our lives by any means necessary. One of the ways we’re doing so is by using stress balls, those soft and squeezy orbs that let you work your frustration out using your hands.

We were sitting at our desk happily squeezing away when this video came up in our search alerts, and now we feel weird and sort of upset again. YouTube channel BubblePOP Kids apparently specializes in destroying all sorts of soft and squishy objects. This isn’t even in the name of science - they just do it because for some reason little kids like watching things get wrecked.

The appeal of these channels continues to be a mystery, but they have over a million subscribers so they’re obviously doing something right. This clip features the painful destruction of a massive smiley faced stress ball, along with some sort of weird squishy Elsa from Frozen figurine and a panoply of balls of other shapes and sizes. We have to be honest with you: watching this entire video will not reduce your tension at all, and in fact it will probably make it significantly worse.