Soccer Player David Seaman Talks Testicular Rupture

Soccer Player David Seaman Talks Testicular Rupture

Playing professional sports is basically sending an invitation to the universe to tear your body up, and soccer players are no exception. Even when players retire, they still have stories about their time on the field. Now David Seaman, a soccer star who played in goal for Arsenal and England’s national team, is sharing a tale about one particularly horrific injury to his gonads.

Seaman, now 56, was being interviewed on the Athletic’s Hand Brake Off podcast when he recounted a collision that happened when playing against Leeds in the early 1990s. He was guarding the goal when Lee Chapman slid right into his groin, sending his cleats driving hard into his scrotum. He immediately went down in agony, only to be mocked by Leeds’s “hard man” Gordon Strachan as a medic tried to tape his torn-up scrote back together.

He told the podcast “I was in a ­crumple like that and I’ve got Gordon Strachan getting right in my face as I’m laid on the ground, like right in my face, ‘Get up, you southern softie’. First of all, I was more offended about being called southern. And then as I moved my shorts there was a lot of blood on my underslip, around my you-know-what area. Gordon was like ‘Oh, sorry, big man’.”

Amazingly, Seaman got stitches in his junk at halftime and went back out on the pitch to finish the match. That’s what separates a legend from the rest of us, I guess.

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