Soccer Player Thanks Opponent For Touching His Balls

Testicular cancer is a worldwide phenomenon, and we’re doing our best to battle it wherever we can. That fight has brought us some unlikely allies, and the latest is legendary soccer player Carlos “Sublime” Valderrama. Also known as “El Pibe” - “The Kid,” Valderrama became famous in the late 1980s for his creative playmaking and precise passing. One of his most famous rivalries was with Real Madrid player José Miguel González Martín del Campo, popularly known as “Míchel.” And in a new video for cancer awareness, Sublime has turned an infamous incident from their past into a learning experience.

During the 91/92 season, Real Madrid was playing Valladolid. When the teams lined up for a corner kick, Míchel and Valderrama ended up next to each other. For some as yet unknown reason, Míchel reached over and groped the other player’s crotch repeatedly while waiting for the kick. Why, exactly, is a mystery for the ages. Speculation that Míchel swung the other way was rampant, but why would you pick a soccer game to express that?

Whatever the reason, Valderrama is now turning the experience into a PSA against testicular cancer. If you don’t speak Spanish, here’s a translation of the video courtesy

“I’ve been through a lot of important moments in my career. But there was one in particular which really left a mark on me. I can still feel it. First, touching my left testicle – from top to bottom with his fingertips. And then the right one, repeating the same movement. And then a third time, to see if both testicles had the same shape. Trying to find a possible lump. It didn’t hurt but I got a little… pissed off. If I had felt pain, I would have had to call my doctor. Because this is how you can detect a possible testicular cancer. For this my dear friend, I want to say thank you for touching my balls. Like we all should do to prevent testicular cancer. Thank you Michel!”