This Soccer Sex Abuse Story Is Balls-Out Crazy

Soccer Sex Abuse

Sports can be a cutthroat business, but this is ridiculous. Soccer scout Eddie Heath, who recruited footballers for Chelsea in the 1970s, is at the center of a sex abuse scandal that’s one of the weirdest things we’ve ever read about.

Numerous amateur and pro players have come forward to the press about Heath’s depredations. They allege that he would offer physical therapy to injured players, only to gravitate towards their crotch regions. One says “You could have gone into that room with a broken arm and Eddie would have gone to work on your groin.”

But that was far from the weirdest thing that Eddie Heath did with young soccer players. According to sources, one of Heath’s favorite activities was to take off the bottoms of his tracksuit, lay down on the floor and have players knock golf balls up his legs and into his crotch. And this wasn’t gentle putting, either - he really wanted them to smack it up there.

Players allege that the football club knew all about Heath’s abuse, with Gary Johnson claiming to have been paid £50,000 to keep quiet about it. An independent investigation has been launched into his behavior, even though Heath died in the 1980s from a heart attack.

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