Somebody Made Truck Nuts For The Tesla Cybertruck

Somebody Made Truck Nuts For The Tesla Cybertruck

Opinions are deeply split on the Tesla Cybertruck. Elon Musk stans feel like their hero has hit it out of the park once again, while critics say it looks like an enemy from the original Star Fox. But at least people are talking, and that’s the goal in today’s attention-based economy. And with attention comes enterprising hucksters trying to surf on that attention. Enter: the Cyber Truck Nuts.

Truck nuts, if you aren’t aware, are solid silicone ballsacks that you affix to the bumper of your vehicle (typically trucks ride high enough that the scrotum won’t scrape on the pavement, hence the name) to convince bystanders that your ride is 100% man. They’re certainly a niche product, but we’ve seen them out in the wild multiple times.

The enterprising souls behind cybertrucknutz realized that bulbous, rounded ballsacks would look terribly out of place hanging from the back of a Cybertruck, so they rendered out a low-poly version and set up a site to retail them to ship in 2021, when consumers will be driving their own Tesla trucks. You can get them 3D printed in plastic for the low price of $10 or cast in metal (obviously the smarter choice) for $30.

If you’re going to buy in on Elon Musk’s latest vehicle, even after the ridiculous demos that didn’t turn out the way he wanted, you might as well throw some nuts on there as well.

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