How Do Squirrels Find Their Nut Caches?

It’s Okay To Be Smart may be the more polite little brother of I F*cking Love Science or I’m Going To Hump The Living Hell Out Of Economics And Marry It, but it does manage to be a good source of various nut facts, which happens to be exactly what we’re after here at The Ball Report.

Contrary to previously accepted notions about their food hoarding behavior, it turns out that squirrels actually have a relatively decent brain in their heads. That is, at least when it comes to their scores of nut caches buried all over the place. They don’t just smell their hiding places, they straight up remember them. Not all of them, of course, or we’d have a lot fewer trees. Plus, they’re good at stealing, so if they forget a few locations they can kick over another squirrel or small bird for their stash.

The point is, they’re smart. Not smart enough to recognize when they’re being callously manipulated, of course, but still decently intelligent for rats with tails.