Stephen Colbert Eats Rooster Testicles

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is one of our favorite programs, consistently funny and silly while teaching us stuff at the same time. Recently, he had Daniel Boulud on the program and the famed chef created a pair of less than pleasing dishes for the host to chow down on. The James Beard Award-winning chef is doing a press tour to celebrate the 25th birthday of his landmark restaurant Daniel.

He’s been on the show before, but this time Boulud wanted to really push the envelope. Making Colbert slip on a latex glove, he presented the corpse of a rooster to him and had the host pluck out the bird’s balls. Using the gonads and the bird’s comb, Boulud prepares a bizarre version of chicken pot pie. It’s not just gonads, though - it also has heart, breast and crawfish.

The end result is a pretty intense dish that still manages to look spectacular, and the presentation is absolutely ridiculous. Stephen Colbert chows down gamely but we don’t think that rooster ball pot pie is going to go on his commissary menu any time soon.