Steve-O Is Still Around And Roughing Up Testicles

It’s hard not to root for former Jackass Steve-O, whose face is so endearingly goofy he got it tattooed on his own back. It’s downright impossible not to root for him when he’s giddily smashing another man’s testicles with his sneakers. If it sounds like Steve-O has fallen back into his old habits, don’t worry, the testicles in this case belong to “Horse” aka “Nasty the Horse”, the man whose performance on America’s Got Talent was so ridiculous that the show was promptly canceled. (Actually, it’s still on the air, but nobody’s getting kicked in the nuts anymore.) Evidently, Horse has testicles of steel, a kind of genetic disposition toward absorbing this brutal punishment without major injury, and that’s a relief. Not a relief to Horse, mind you, but to us.