Stop Doing Sack Tap Challenges


Dudes, come on. Your balls are a precious and valuable part of your body, and you need to stop with the sack tap. If you’re not aware, a sack tap challenge is a gentleman’s wager where the prize, as it were, with the prize being the opportunity to smack the loser in the gonads.

This clip from YouTube channel Visage Tekn starts out with a flawed premise. One guy needs to finish a Rubik’s Cube before the other wins a game of Call of Duty. Unfortunately, the cube solver has never accomplished the task before, and that’s not something you can just pull off in a jiffy. Needless to say, he doesn’t complete the job, and in fact rotates the cube’s faces so hard that the damn thing falls apart, disqualifying him.

Needless to say, the sack tap follows with violent aplomb. Even worse, because the camera misses the first attempt, it has to be replicated a second time. The lesson learned? There isn’t one. Find a better way to punish your friends than whacking them in the balls. Balls are beautiful things and should be respected and treasured, not smacked for no reason.