Strengthen Your Groin For Business or Pleasure

Maybe it’s just the classic winter hibernation weight gain we all know and love, but exercise videos are starting to crop up a bit more frequently here on The Ball Report. This one, from the guys at “brUTE Strength”, is different from the one we featured earlier this week, which was more about yelling/flattening your penis than exercise, but it’ll have to do.

Groin strength is curiously not something you hear a lot about in gyms, given how many professional athletes are quite visibly tearing and shredding their groins on television on a weekly basis. But, for all its charms, the groin is not necessarily a glamour muscle, and so it goes, sadly, ignored. Well, no more. The brUTE guys, who are definitely huge and probably have groin muscles like big block engines, give you a few tips in this video about how to give your groin the attention it deserves. The weight-kick tip is a great one, but unless you’re a pro, please skip the furniture-pad-greased splits they advise at the end. That could get really messy.