Tables Finally Turned As Ball Strikes Bat

When a ball hits a bat, it’s usually on purpose. But in a truly wild sequence on Wednesday night, in a decisive ALDS Game 5, Toronto catcher Russell Martin was attempting to throw the ball back to the pitcher’s mound. Instead, it ricocheted off the bat of Shin Shoo-Choo as he stretched in the batter’s box, in a direction that utterly surprised everyone in the stadium. That is, save for Rougned Odor, who took advantage of the confusion to score from 3rd base to put the Rangers up 3-2.

The play was ultimately inconsequential, in the sense that Odor’s Rangers did not win, and therefore did not advance to the ALCS to face the Kansas City Royals. But given the raucous Toronto crowd’s reaction, and the Blue Jays’ subsequent surge and win, that bizarre ball bounce was undoubtedly a turning point. Just not in the way you might have thought that night.