Tapioca Balls: The Dessert That Takes Forever

You’ve probably seen those cute little videos circulating around social media, where a set of disembodied hands prepares an incredibly photogenic dish in just a few short steps. There’s usually some kind of weird music in the background, and overall the production quality is pretty high, for such a short clip. That last bit is the most important - short things are more shareable, and since it’s aspirational (most people are not good cooks, but would like to be) the easier it looks, the better. It’s like an exercise machine commercial, except kinda the exact opposite.

Well, “Healthy and Easy Recipes by Sel” apparently did not get the memo, because this 17 minute opus makes the traditional Cambodian dish Bang Chen Neurk Masau Sacoo look as difficult to prepare as it is to pronounce. It’s just tapioca balls, more or less, and if that fact doesn’t turn you off of it, then maybe the complex recipe won’t either. To the channel’s credit, what it’s doing is more honest than the reblog-friendly food Vines; meals actually don’t magically come together in just 7 seconds. No meal with mung beans in it does, anyway.