This Teenage Rap Song About Sperm Is Precious


When I think back to the school projects I did in my teenage years, many of them were incredibly ridiculous. I remember one good example when a friend delivered a presentation about author Maxine Hong Kingston and I helped out with interpretive dancing and cups full of dry ice. So when I see a video like this one, where these kids were tasked with telling us about the life of the sperm and chose to do so through rap, I can’t help but feel happy.

The boys aren’t presenting any information you couldn’t get from WebMD, and their flow is (to put it gently) pretty Caucasian. But they work their way through all of the steps of a sperm’s life in the balls and beyond, depending on their teenage enthusiasm to carry the day. And you know what? It works. Their sperm rap is fun and hopefully earned them an A in whatever class they busted it out for.

Special props to the verse where the narrating sperm realizes that he’s about to fulfill his destiny and father a child. We all know how that feels. Boys, if you end up reading this, reach out - maybe you can craft a testicular awareness track for us to use here on the Ball Report.