Testicular Exams Live on NBC Prove Nothing Can Save NBC

This video of Carson Daly and Willie Geist receiving (behind closed doors) testicular exams live on NBC’s Today Show, and its distressingly low view count, is either a curiosity of the internet’s current SEO era or a testament to the dimming stars of Carson Daly, Willie Geist and, hell, NBC itself. If the people of the internet won’t click a link to an ex-TRL host ostensibly getting fondled in front of Al Roker, then what will they click on? Virtually anything else, it would seem!

Perhaps Dr. Samadi is the problem — the man would love to tell you all about his robotic prostate techniques, but there is precious little information on his official website about what his appearance on your nationally-syndicated morning show could do for you. Get your priorities straight, Dr. Samadi, for goodness’ sake.