Testicular Torsion Really Sucks


Of all the nasty things that can happen to your nutsack, testicular torsion is one of the least pleasant. The testicles are suspended by something called the spermatic cord that keeps them elevated and separate while transporting the sperm into the rest of the reproductive system. That cord, like any other bit of string or rope, can get twisted. When that happens, it cuts off the supply of blood to the testicle - a condition called ischemia. The first symptom is insane, crippling pain and it only gets worse from there.

This useful clip from MedWorld runs down everything you need to know about testicular torsion, from the most common causes to the best ways to treat it. Like many other balls-related issues, this is one that you need to catch as soon as possible and deal with it. The primary reason for torsion is what’s known as “bell-clapper deformity,” where the testicle isn’t anchored inside the scrotum securely enough and can drift around too much, but other things can also play a part.

If watching this video gives you a twinge in the gonads, definitely take the opportunity to check yourself, not just for torsion but for anything unusual in those parts. Balls awareness is the key to health, and it doesn’t cost anything to give yourself a quick feel.