The 25 Best-Dressed People At The Montana Testicle Festival

Montana Testicle Festival

Seattle weekly newspaper The Stranger sent a reporter to the annual Testicle Festival in Montana this past weekend and she came back a changed woman. The Festival is one of the biggest testicle-related events in the country, featuring hordes of tourists chowing down on Rocky Mountain oysters, downing gallons of beer and generally getting wild.

As you’d expect, fashion choices were pretty wild in the streets of Clinton, Montana, with lots of leather-clad bikers, scantily-clad women and some completely inexplicable choices. The Stranger’s reporter took tons of pictures and just posted a selection of her picks for “Best Dressed” of the event.

Let’s be clear, here: these people aren’t red carpet ready. Instead, they’ve fully embraced the balls-out nature of the Testicle Festival in all its glory. Here are a couple choice outfits.

testicle-adultery testicle-thing testicle-tits

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