The Ballsiest Play In Jeopardy History


Of all the game shows in the world, the one that rewards creative thinking as well as a vast pool of knowledge is Jeopardy. People who haven’t been the biggest trivia monsters have still taken home huge gobs of cash through gutsy play. In our opinion, nobody ever played with a set of big balls like Roger Craig. You see, Roger was a believer in the concept of “true Daily Doubles,” which meant that when you hit one of the board’s two Daily Double squares, you bet all your money - went “double or nothing.” In this clip, from Roger’s appearance on the show in 2011, he pulls of a first-ever feat in Jeopardy history by landing on a Daily Double, betting it all, getting it right, then landing on another Daily Double in his next pick and doing it all again, quadrupling his money. Pretty badass.