The Onion Tackles A Common Testicle Issue

The Onion Tackles A Common Testicle Issue

America’s favorite satirical website The Onion has tackled pretty much every subject under the sun since debuting as a print publication in Madison, Wisconsin in 1988. But when their eye turns to our specialty, we have to say something.

Last week, they published a piece entitled “Area Scrotum Not In Big Hurry To Peel Itself Away From Leg.” Told from the point of view of a sweaty ballsack, it described a situation that many of us ball-havers have found ourselves in, where our scrote gets adhered to our inner thigh through the combination of heat and moisture. It’s just part of the rainbow of sensations that testicles can provide.

The ballsack, which belongs to a fictional guy named Justin McMaster, comments “I’ve got a nice little situation going here with my skin sack pressed up real tight against the inner thigh, so I’m thinking what’s the rush?” While we don’t think that our ballsacks have sentience, running a whole piece from the perspective of one is some next-level comedy thinking so kudos to the Onion writer who came up with the idea. Now get some baby powder on that thing before you get a rash, Justin!

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