The Sour Ball Challenge Looks Absolutely Hellish

For some reason or another, sour foods just don’t seem to get their due. Sure, Thai cuisine makes use of sour flavors, usually in concert with other atypical ingredients, and everyone loves sour desserts. More often than not, though, if you’re eating something very sour, it’s some kind of candy. And it’s probably a dare.

The fellas over at Achievement Hunter have taken it upon themselves not only to procure an unmarked plastic bag (looks an awful lot like drugs, guys) full of supposedly dangerously potent sour candy, but also to force one of their comrades to stuff his mouth to capacity with them. For four minutes.

This Sour Ball Challenge is not a Joey Chestnut type of thing, either. The unfortunate victim makes clear that the citric acid (what makes a sour ball sour, generally) is not just tart, but actually painful. This is like getting kicked in the nuts over and over, for your mouth. Delicious.