There’s a Page for Redditors to Post Their Balls

their balls

The Rule of Online is, and has been even before they started having to rip pages down, that if you can think of something, there is more than likely one (or more) subreddits devoted to it. Subreddits are, at their heart, highly-specific, textual rallying points for enthusiasts of any stripe. There are subreddits for air traffic controllers, discussions of philosopher Epicurus, and at least one “devoted to discussing nootropics and cognitive enhancers.“, in which participants offer themselves up as guinea pigs to experimentation in the nascent, bordering on the science-fictional “nootropics” field.

Subreddits, therefore, can act as sparks for interesting, intellectual conversations with definitive answers or, uh, the opposite of that (potentially NSFW - drug content). Like any large gathering of people, subreddits can be fun and friendly or mean and harassing. They can be so bad that they get erased from the internet, obviously, or they can prompt a good samaritan to potentially save a life.

They are also nominally anonymous forums, which means that sometimes things can pretty ridiculous, fairly quickly. Enter r/Balls (NSFW, in a landslide).

While r/balls may be a welcoming home for men to upload pictures of their balls, it is not a lawless free-for-all. From the page’s rules:

  • This subreddit is for images, videos, or discussion about Balls.
  • You must be over 18 years of age to post content.
  • Do not share or request personal information.
  • Please use Imgur for all images.
  • Be respectful to other users.
  • Submissions should include the Balls and also show the Penis.
  • No bondage or NSFL.

Well, these guidelines seem rather sensible if not outright perfunctory. Perhaps requiring both the penis and the entirety of the balls in the frame could strike curious outsiders as somewhat gratuitous, but so be it. The last rule, though — why would you need to explicitly ban bondage? That is the one that makes you start to question whether or not this compendium of cocks, this trove of testicles, is in fact, porno.

After further review, yep. It’s porno.