These Super-Polished Tinfoil Balls Are Amazing

These Super-Polished Tinfoil Balls Are Amazing

Making balls out of tinfoil is a pretty common idle hands hobby for people, but few take it to the degree that Japanese YouTuber SKYtomo does. In a video he recently uploaded that went viral, he demonstrates a process to create spheres out of foil that are absurdly smooth and reflective.

How does he do it? Well, like many beautiful things in this world, SKYtomo’s tinfoil balls take a whole lot of work. The initial process is pretty simple - just get a big sheet of tinfoil and scrunch it into a ball. But then things start to get tricky. With a hammer, you need to hammer it down until it’s packed as tightly as it can be, adding more layers of foil to build up the structure as the soft metal meshes with itself.

Now it gets time-consuming: take a polishing cloth and work away at the nubbled surface with moderate pressure for as long as it takes to smooth it all down. There are no shortcuts for this part, but the end result is pretty spectacular.

Here’s his video so you can see the methodology in action.

Pretty intense, right? So do you think you’d be willing to put in the time and effort to make one of these?

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