These Underpants Promise To Eliminate Sweaty Balls

These Underpants Promise To Eliminate Sweaty Balls

The world of men’s underpants hasn’t changed much in the past few decades. Sure, new high-tech materials have made them better-fitting and more hygenic, but the essential structure of them - boxers or briefs - hasn’t shifted. But what if there was a new design for your everyday underpants that promised to eliminate annoying ball sweat? Meet the new offering from JustWears.

These garments, dubbed the “palace for the phallus” by their cheeky creators, split the area in front that holds your junk into two compartments. A penis sheath separates your member from your scrotum, with a ventilated panel in the bottom allowing air to circulate in the open space. The material used to make the underpants is fiber spun from Austrian birch trees, which the manufacturers claim is 50% more breathable and absorbent than cotton.

Whether all of these bold boasts about the JustWears is true or not, it’s nice to see people stepping up and trying to disrupt the underpants paradigm. If we don’t experiment, how are we ever going to evolve as a species? We’re not saying that fancy drawers are the key to enlightenment, but the less time we spend thinking about ball sweat the more we have for important stuff.

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