This Balls In A Supercar Prank Is Epic


It was a fabulous day for the YouTube prank industry when people discovered you could order hollow ball pit balls by the thousands for pretty cheap. Since then, we’ve seen vloggers fill homes, pools, trampolines, and pretty much anything else they can with them. Now we’ve got a clip of a young prankster taking his dad’s new supercar and inundating it with plastic balls to comedic effect.

The video comes courtesy of YouTube prankster Jack Doherty, who has made himself quite a career by doing backflips at Wal-Mart and other such shenanigans. He’s doing well enough that his dad could buy himself a new Maserati (although we’re not saying he’s using Jack’s money).

Young Doherty decided to take the ball pit balls that he’s been using for other videos and relocate them into his Dad’s supercar, then wait for him to get home from work and film the proceedings. Over 10,000 of the little plastic orbs are pressed into service for the stunt, and the end result is pretty funny. This kid’s lucky he’s got parents who are cool with being pranked, because Maseratis are pretty damn pricey.

How would you feel if you came home and your kid filled your sports car with plastic balls? What about if he made fat cash on YouTube for it?