This Basketball Training Harness Simulates A Defender

This Basketball Training Harness Simulates A Defender

In the era of COVID-19, sports have taken a pretty hard hit. Sure, you can practice skills and drills on your own, but there’s no substitute for getting on the court and working against a real person. One clever inventor has come up with a fascinating way to improve your offensive play in basketball by designing a training harness that makes you feel like you’re playing against a human foe.

Called the Never Ending Defender, the device consists of a harness that is attached to an adjustable face mask that obscures parts of the wearer’s vision. It can be set to two different options - dribbling, which is lower on the face and hides the ball to teach better intuitive ball control without using the eyes, and shooting, covering the upper view to practice landing baskets while being blocked visually.

The device is the brainchild of Brandon Wesig, the son of a basketball coach, who saw a hole in the market in 2014 while he was at Kent State University and spent the intervening years sketching out concepts and refining prototypes. The harness is now available for sale through his online store and he hopes to make it available from major sports retailers.

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