This Boba Jello Balls ASMR Video Is Weirdly Aggravating


ASMR is quite the modern preoccupation, giving people with unusual brains a chance to experience some kind of satisfaction through mundane things like eating, scratching or squishing. It’s not anything that we personally resonate with, but we’re not going to look askance on people who do.

This video by April ASMR is a solid example. In it, she makes a selection of jello balls with boba floating in them - the tapioca pearls typically found in bubble tea - and just sort of hangs out with them for four minutes, eating them (with almost insanely loud chewing noises) and just having a good old time.

I suppose I’m the opposite of the target audience for this video, because I can’t even take a minute of the chewing before wanting to throw my laptop out the window. Sound off in the comments below if this is something you’re into.