This Bouncing Ball Is A Unique Musical Instrument

This Bouncing Ball Is A Unique Musical Instrument

One of the most interesting things in music is how the scope of what can be a musical instrument has expanded dramatically with technology. In addition to the normal synthesizers and electric guitars, enterprising engineers have created interfaces for making sound in new and unique ways. Case in point: the ODD Ball, which lets you lay down beats and trigger MIDI cues with a tap or a bounce.

The pressure-sensitive device allows for a striking amount of control and expressiveness in a musical instrument, with the force of the impact determining a number of parameters for the output sound. You can apply single or multiple sounds concurrently, with a variety of effects. An included iOS app lets you process sound right out of the box, or you can use it with your DAW of choice like you would any other MIDI instrument.

The ODD Ball retails for £89.00 through mail order. You can even set up multiple instruments at once and perform a whole percussion symphony with them as they bounce around. While we probably won’t see a virtuoso on this unique instrument for some time, it’s a very cool addition to the world of electronic music.