This Freediving Bait Balls Video Is Amazing

This Freediving Bait Balls Video Is Amazing

The undersea world is a pretty magnificent place, with natural phenomena that really boggle the mind. One that we’ve touched on a few times here on the site is the idea of bait balls, where small fish assemble themselves into massive spherical schools to fend off potential predators with a large silhouette. Typically we spot these from the surface, but this incredible freediving video shot in western Australia lets us get a whole new perspective.

Shot by underwater photographer Alfred Minnaar, it follows a freediving group as they encounter a number of fascinating sights. Traversing the Ningaloo Reef off of the western coast of the country, the footage is interspersed with stills shot on the excursion, many of which are absolutely amazing. Check it out for yourself.

In the middle of the winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, these beautiful blue ocean expanses look pretty enticing. Not just the bait balls but also the gorgeous coral reefs that have drawn divers to the area for generations. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to fly Down Under and check them out for ourselves.

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