This Kentucky Shop’s Ice Balls Are A Summer Tradition

This Kentucky Shop's Ice Balls Are A Summer Tradition

We like to think we know a lot about the world of dessert, but one Kentucky candy and ice cream shop just introduced us to a new and delicious treat. The ice balls they sell at Schneider’s Sweet Shop in Bellevue combine the best aspects of a snow cone and ice cream in one dish.

Here’s how it works: they lay down a layer of shaved ice, then add a lump of delicious homemade ice cream, and then another layer of shaved ice on top. The resulting confection is then shaped into a sphere, doused with the snow-cone flavor of your choice and served for your eating pleasure. It’s a delicious textural experience that benefits from smart flavor combination

Located just across the river from Cincinnati, Schneider’s gives plenty of Ohio residents an excuse to cross over to Kentucky for some sweet treats. When Schenider’s starts serving ice balls, that’s how locals know that summer has truly begun. And as temperatures begin to tick up and COVID-19 restrictions are loosened, we’d bet that there are going to be lines out the door.

Have you ever had an ice ball like they make here? If so, what are your favorite flavor combinations? It’s a long drive to Kentucky for us, but we might decide it’s worth it.

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