This Music Video Is Full Of Balls


We’re always on the lookout for balls whenever they appear, so when the new music video for Nashville indie-pop act *repeat repeat (yes, the asterisk is part of the name, those wacky kids) crossed our desk it was a happy day indeed. The group’s single “Plugged In” dropped earlier in the year, a catchy track about being overwhelmed by the massive amount of information that bombards us as we try to live our lives.

The group just dropped a clip for it, and it’s a lot of fun. 1,500 ball pit balls were deployed in the creation of the music video, with some clever little reverse filming used to make them behave in unusual ways. The duo, composed of couple Jared and Kristyn Corder, are a pretty solid act with strong surf-rock influences, and we think you’ll dig the song.

Courtesy Nashville Scene.