This New Jack In The Box Ad Is All About The Balls


In the grand battle of fast food franchises, Jack In The Box always seems to be a few steps below the big boys. That’s no indictment of their food or anything, which I’m sure is just as good - or bad - as the rest. They just don’t occupy the same kind of default space in the American mindset. The company has been trying to restore their image ever since an E.coli scare in 1993, with mixed success.

Right now, they’re positioning themselves as a sort of “edgy” alternative to the big brands, with different food offerings and a ball-headed mascot who drops into double entendre on occasion. Case in point: the new commercial they just released for their teriyaki bowls, which makes a lot of hay out of the fact that “bowls” sounds a lot like “balls.”

Yes, we know, it’s low-hanging fruit but the Ball Report is here to report on every tidbit of balls news we can find, so here we are. The commercial, which you can watch above, has already got some pushback. Most notably, trade publication Adweek called it “one of the most tone-deaf ads of the #MeToo era,” which is certainly not the effect the company was going for. What do you think about this new Jack in the Box ad? Funny or dumb?

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