This Smart Soccer Ball Could Change The Game Forever

Smart Soccer Ball

It’s undeniable that science is changing the world around us almost faster than we can keep up. Sports are a great example of that - as gear gets better, nutrition and medicine becomes more advanced and other factors come into play, athletes are able to exceed the records of the past and improve their game on almost every level. Now a South African inventor has devised a soccer ball with a brain inside that could make the game even more fun and exciting for players and spectators.

Phathwa Senene is a prolific creator, constantly working with inexpensive technology to improve the lives of people around him. For his most recent project, he took a DFRobot CurieNano board and implanted it behind one of the hexagons of a Nike soccer ball. That board includes an accelerometer and a gyroscope, so it can keep track of its speed and orientation.

Senene then built an app that interfaces with the soccer ball and keeps track of its movements, translating them into a user-friendly counter for taps. The functionality is still pretty primitive, but he hopes to make it increasingly robust with future iterations. This just goes to show that with even the best ball, there’s room for improvement.

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