This Testicular Cancer Tale Is Quite A Handful

Testicular Cancer Tale

We’re all about awareness here at the Ball Report - our whole mission is making sure that gentlemen keep tabs on their balls. So this testicular cancer tale is something that’s very worth reading.

It comes courtesy of Adam Salandra, the host of Gay Weekly Roundtable who also works as a panelist on The Daily Share. He’s an entertaining writer with a gift for vivid descriptive phrases, even when they might not seem appropriate. So his tale of how a growth in his balls was misdiagnosed as a varicocele before being caught as cancer is as funny as it is alarming.

“At the time, it honestly never occurred to me that I might have cancer: I’d always considered myself a hypochondriac, but somehow the C-word was too big for even a veteran panicker like me to conjure up.”

He didn’t have insurance, so Salandra just let the growth in his ball expand until it was bigger than an egg. As we know, this is a mistake, and by the time he got the diagnosis he needed surgery and two rounds of chemotherapy. Thankfully for him, treatment was successful and he hasn’t experience a recurrence. Now he’s urging other men to look at their balls and get a second opinion if their doctor doesn’t take them seriously.

Read the whole thing at NewNowNext.