Tigers Fan Snags Five Foul Balls In One Game

We’ve written about baseball fans catching foul balls in the stands a time or two, but Bill Dugan just made all those people look like amateurs. In Monday’s game against the Pirates, Bill got his mitts on a flabbergasting five foul pops, a record for one game.

Dugan, a Tigers superfan, has made a name for himself with his foul-snagging abilities, and his seats put him in the prime zone for catching loose balls. Over his life as a fan, he’s brought in an estimated 2,000 balls. His previous record was four in a single game (not including batting practice). One of the coolest things is that he gives his catches to kids sitting near him in the stadium, because he has a room full of them at home. In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, he commented “I couldn’t deny someone I said I’d give a ball to … I’ve got a room full of them, so I can’t be too greedy.”

As Dugan racked up the catches, spectators and sportscasters started to take notice. During the game, the official Tigers Twitter account even kept a tally of his foul snags. Sadly for Tigers fans, they lost the game 7-4, but fans in the stands that day won’t forget this one for a while.