Tom Brady Gets A Testicular Exam

If we’ve got one central mission here at the Ball Report, it’s getting people to check their balls. So when we saw that Tom Brady had apparently recorded a testicular cancer PSA before the Super Bowl, we were pretty damn excited. That is, until we saw it was fake.

This very funny video from YouTube channel DRdoubleB clips segments of a Tom Brady interview where he’s talking about the “deflategate” scandal and combines them with dialogue from a doctor telling Touchdown Tom how to check his balls. It’s put together remarkably well, down to stripping the background away from Brady’s press conference to composite in a doctor’s office instead.

Sure, we’d obviously like it a lot better if Brady recorded an actual balls check, but you know what? We’ll take what we can get. If only one Patriots fan sees this and decides to reach down and look for any abnormalities in his balls, it’ll be a good thing.