Turkish Man’s Testicle Pain Was COVID-19

Turkish Man's Testicle Pain Was COVID-19

We’ve been writing a lot about the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s kind of hard not to this year, as the disease has reshaped pretty much every aspect of modern life. And it has a very specific connection with our mission here at the Ball Report, as doctors are realizing that the virus can affect the testicles and fertility. It all comes together in this story from Turkey.

A 49 year old man, who is not named in the story, reported exposure to a diagnosed COVID-19 case. He had no symptoms, but went to a local hospital for testing. When doctors asked him if he had noticed anything unusual about his body in recent days, he did say that he had been experiencing pain in his gonads.

THe doctors performed the standard rundown of STI tests to see if they could find a cause for his pain, but they all came up negative. It was puzzling, but even more so when his COVID-19 test came back positive. The general consensus among his treatment team was that his testicular issue was the first - and thus far only - symptom of the novel coronavirus.

We’re still not sure about how many men will experience crotch pain as a result of the disease. One Chinese study found it to be one in five, which is pretty shocking. Best wishes to the Turkish patient in his recovery.

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