Turn An Egg Into A Bouncy Ball If You Can’t Find A Bouncy Ball


Holy moly! It’s Friday and you don’t have a bouncy ball for the weekend. What a disaster! How could this happen? You had a whole crate full of bouncy balls on Monday, but of course you had to take some into the office for bouncy ball day. And you sold some of the rare, valuable ones on eBay—but that’s just because your savings account was getting low, not because you wanted to. Someone did break into your house this week and all they took was bouncy balls, so that cut into your cache a bit. But still, there should be more than enough for the big party! What are you going to do?

Well, if you have eggs, which someone who can’t even plan ahead for the weekend almost certainly would not, you might yet be saved. And you need vinegar also, if you can spare it. Combine them for a while, in a jar. If you don’t drop it from high enough, and don’t want too much bounciness, and also don’t want to eat the egg…this could be ok, maybe.

Also, it’s gonna take like 48 hours, and with the amount of vinegar you use you could afford to buy a case of balls. But hey, science is a cruel mistress.