UEFA Reveals New Champions League Starball

There’s no doubt the Europeans take their soccer (sorry, football) seriously. Association football is the world’s most popular sport, and has been played at scale since the mid-19th century. So it’s a big deal. Of course, with a mostly barren pitch and little in the way of player accessories, it’s only natural that the actual football being used would take on a heightened, almost mythic importance to the people behind the game. Doubly so in the case of the Champions League, which to Americans is kind of like the Olympics of soccer, except that’s the World Cup, and the Champions League is only in Europe, and it happens every year. So it’s important, too.

But boy this video really takes it to the next level. As, uh, casual followers of UEFA, we thought that maybe the big brouhaha was because they had invented another ball (the starball) altogether. Not so! In fact, the starball has seen many revisions over the years on the way to its current form, which just so happens to have the least-recognizable stars of any iteration to date.

Congrats, UEFA! You certainly did…something.