Why In The World Would You Vape Testicle Sweat?


If there’s a single fad that screams “2010s,” it’s vape pens. Being able to smoke tobacco (or a panoply of other substances) without an open flame has revolutionized drug usage, and there are a flabbergasting variety of flavors of vape juice out there for you to try.

And then there’s YouTube user TGFBro, who decided to vape testicle sweat instead. Accompanied by urine and Cheeto-infused urine, just for laughs. Watching this poor chump inhale vaporized nutsack sweat is a painful and hilarious thing, to be sure, but it really begs the question: is YouTube stardom that important?

Apparently so. Of the three, the ballsack sweat seems to be the most pleasant thing to vape. It smells a bit like popcorn and doesn’t boast the acrid tang of the pee. The Cheetos piss seems to be the worst. But really, they’re all the worst, and this whole thing is probably the worst thing you’ll watch all day. As we write this, it has over a million views, so it was probably the worst thing a lot of people watched all day. Suppose that counts for something.