Walk Ball Is The New TikTok Craze

Walk Ball Is The New TikTok Craze

Video streaming app TikTok is all about trends and challenges, as the horde of teens using it seek out the hottest things to copy. But the latest trend sweeping the network comes from college football locker rooms, where players are engaging in the absurdist game of “walk ball.”

What the hell is “walk ball?” Well, it’s exactly like regular football except for one very important change: you’re not allowed to run. You can still pass as normal during plays, but moving your feet any faster than a casual stroll is against the rules. It’s most commonly played in football, but we’ve also seen a basketball version on TikTok. Here’s a video compilation of some of the funnier moments that have made the rounds lately.

We’ll see if this trend makes its way into other sports that could be even funnier. We’re cracking up thinking about people playing “alk tennis,” for example, where they have to make their way across the court without working too hard. Or maybe “walk soccer,” for our European friends? It just goes to show that sports can be fun even if you don’t break a sweat while you’re playing.

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