Wall Balls Let You Hang A Scrotum Anywhere

Wall Balls

How devoted to balls are you, really? Do you love them enough to turn them into art and look at them every day? If you do, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is and order a pair of Wall Balls.

The latest project from genital obsessive Brian Sloan, who has been running a series of bizarre beauty contests to identify the world’s most attractive vagina, anus and ballsack, it’s a shiny chrome fiberglass cast of the third place balls winner blown up to life size and equipped with hanging hardware.

Sloan’s other beauty contests have been related to his work in the sex toy field - he makes replicas of the prize-winning orifices so dudes can have sex with them. But there really aren’t any masturbation aids that involve scrotums. So instead, he decided to turn the winner into art.

Unfortunately for the Wall Balls project, the winner of the world’s most beautiful scrote lives in Australia, and no 3D scanning company would consent to digitizing his balls. The second place winner lived in North Carolina, which posed the same problem. Thankfully, the third most beautiful balls in the world were found in Ohio. He took his prize sack to a company with an Artec Spider scanner who spent two hours turning it into a digital model.

Wall Balls are made from extruded fiberglass electroplated for a serious shine and will be an unforgettable conversation piece wherever you hang them.

You can pledge to the Wall Balls project on Indiegogo here. If you don’t want your name on the Internet as the kind of guy who wouls