Want More Sperm? Wear Loose Pants

Want More Sperm? Wear Loose Pants

The testicles are remarkable organs, capable of creating sperm in massive quantities throughout a man’s life. But some people struggle with their sperm count due to a number of factors. Some things you can’t change - there are certainly genetic factors that determine sperm healthiness. But others you certainly can. Some of the most well-known are exercise and diet, but a recent study shows that one of the easiest ways to boost your little swimmers is wearing loose pants.

A study by researchers at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health took in 656 men and tested their sperm count while also noting what kind of underwear they were wearing. Overall, dudes wearing loose-fitting boxer shorts had 25% more sperm than men in tighty whiteys. That’s a pretty significant increase! The general scientific consensus is that binding your balls tightly increases their heat, which is known to be detrimental.

So if you’re looking to knock up your ladyfriend, you’re going to want to keep things loose down there. Sure, you could wear baggy jeans and saggy boxers, but why not go all the way and just invest in a kilt? That’s how our Scottish bretheren did it, and they don’t seem to have had any problems.

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