Watch Andy Murray Smash Up Some Jaguars


The run-up to Wimbledon is here, and tennis pros around the world are working hard to polish their skills. But Scottish player Andy Murray, currently the #2-ranked singles player in the world, took things to the next level in collaboration with luxury carmaker Jaguar.

As a ridiculously expensive warm-up, Jaguar put circular targets on the back windows of three of their cars and had Murray practice serving at them - while the cars were driving. With tennis legend John McEnroe behind the wheel, the Jaguar F-Type SVR, supercharged XE and Formula E tore around the track at Thruxton while Murray took aim with his insanely powerful serves.

The video above lets you know how well it went. After it was over, Andy Murray commented “Trying to find an inch perfect serve at 130mph against the top players in the world is tough enough, but hitting a target racing past you at 160mph was the toughest and most unique match I’ve had.”

The Mirror has some more information on the crazy stunt, along with more photographs of Murray in action.