Enoy This Redneck Eating “Satan’s Testicle” Peppers


Eating things on YouTube is a valid career choice in 2016 for some reason. If you’ve got an iron stomach and a camera, people will watch you consume all kinds of things for their entertainment. We’re not quite sure what the deal is with the redneck in this video, but he’s choking down three peppers colloquially referred to as “Satan’s testicles,” so let’s watch along.

After he downs the trio of peppers one after the other, he decides to add insult to injury by chugging a fifth of Fireball cinnamon flavored whiskey. This is, by any metric, a poor choice. Drinking liquids after eating hot peppers can make the burn stronger unless they have natural lipids (like milk) to absorb the free-floating particles of pain. Needless to say, booze is not in that category.

He then enters into a bizarre rant about Colin Kaepernick, because why wouldn’t he, and things start to get intense as the heat and hooch take effect. Our redneck protagonist is quickly reduced to a vomiting, whining, horrible mess, barely able to croak out the word “hot” in between retching. Can we learn a lesson from all of this? Anything called “Satan’s testicles” should probably stay out of your mouth.