Watch Steve-O Throw Little Balls Into Big Boobs


One could argue that the video above, which features former Jackass star Steve-O performing a series of “titty trick shots,” contributes to the objectification of women and the underlying sexism that is at the heart of many world issues, including the Presidential election. One could also argue that it’s just a dude winging bouncy balls into some truly epic cleavage and we all need to chill out a little bit.

Steve-O, bereft of a TV show to call his own, is now uploading footage to his YouTube channel, and if you liked him on MTV you’ll love him here. The lovely sweatermeats in question belong to Australian DJ Laura Lux, who seems to be getting quite a kick out of the whole thing.

If you were in Steve-O’s position, how do you think you would do? Some of the shots look pretty easy, but when you figure in the distraction of a low-cut top and a camera on you, it’s possible that you’d succumb to a case of the titty jitters.