Who Is Watching These Weird Spider-Man Ball Videos 20 Million Times?

We’ve commented more than once on how weird YouTube is. The video sharing platform has lots of entertaining, educational content. But it also has a staggering amount of complete and total garbage. The channel Heroes TEAM (and dozens like it) are the latter. The videos are cheaply produced pantomimes starring grown adults in full-body superhero costumes (most typically Spider-Man in a bunch of different colors) engaging in what could be loosely called “slapstick.”

As an adult, it’s hard to see who could be entertained by something this crude and clumsy. It’s ineptly shot, barely “acted,” and the majority of the action seems to revolve around falling down. Take the episode above, which has been watched a terrifying 20 million times. In it, the Joker somehow transforms a bowl full of balls into a bowl of M&Ms, which Spider-Man and “girl Spider-Man” eat. For some reason, this gives them awful gas and causes them to poop out balls, which they proceed to throw at the Joker.

If you’re old enough to remember the furor about the mainly non-verbal Teletubbies turning our kids into idiots, crap like this should terrify you. At least that show had some positive behavior modeling. This is just bad royalty-free music, doodoo jokes and advertising for candy and comic book franchises. But there have to be parents out there for whom this is the only thing that pleases their degenerate children, so instead of reading to them or going outside they park them in front of an iPad and let them suck down videos all day. We’re doomed.