We’re Still Talking About T-Mobile’s Colored Balls

It seems utterly improbable, but here we are. It’s February and we are still talking about T-Mobile’s apparently successful “Colored Balls” ad campaign. T-Mobile, the Marco Rubio of cell phone carriers, laid down a big stack of cash for America to get caught up on all the colored balls drama to this point. This edition, though, built on the success of Verizon’s perplexing initial ad and the double-fisted rejoinder by Sprint and T-Mobile themselves, this latest (and final, God willing) shot across the bow features host Steve Harvey in his first appearance since crawling out from under a rock after his Miss Universe slip-up.

Steve is game to talk about anything other than pageants, and the colored balls make their long-awaited reappearance on national television, but the pitch still makes no sense. T-Mobile has doubled its LTE coverage—that’s great! But nobody watching this ad knows what is technically meant by “coverage” (is it number of people, number of cities, towers, signal strength, etc?) and so, like most ads, this one is a big waste of time.

At least it only cost like $4M.