What Could Be Worse Than Feeling A Tortured Testicle?

How about hearing one? If “Slutty Gore Whore” is any indication, we’d seriously consider taking the former over the latter. Tortured Testicle may just be a goof off, considering the lead singer does more burping than vocalizing, the song is about a minute long, and evidently was recorded as part of a performance at the “Genital Festival”. According to a rough Google translation of the website (from German, of course),

The genital Festival is a Do-It-Yourself and underground music festival and going in the sixth round in 2015! The only “perverse” here is the music! * Band rejection: Sodomized Cadaver be replaced by Tortured Testicle.

So it’s a concert made for and by amateurs, and Tortured Testicle was merely a replacement band, not a headliner. What a relief! Really makes you wonder what Sodomized Cadaver could have done with the platform, though.