What If Ryan Reynolds Looked Like a Testicle With Teeth?

It’s easy to see why Ryan Reynolds, despite the critical and financial failure that was his version of the Green Lantern, has been given the keys to another (albeit less prominent) superhero franchise. In this Japanese press conference clip, he coyly turns a sort of bizarrely inappropriate question about his personal life into a joke that seems to bridge the language gap:

“[What would wife Blake Lively do] if I showed up to the house looking like a testicle with teeth? Would my wife still love me?…Marriage is a contract, and she signed it.”

If “a testicle with teeth” sounds to you like an odd interpretation of a question about the comically handsome Reynolds’ good looks, perhaps you’ve missed him (as wise-cracking antihero Deadpool) revealing his newly mangled visage with costar T.J. Miller.

Deadpool opens February 12th.