What Would A Real Four Dimensional Ball Look Like?


One of the most brain-twisting concepts that theoretical physicists wrestle with is the idea of higher dimensions - what exists beyond our three-axis space, if anything? And do sentient beings exist there? The mental gymnastics necessary to visualize a four dimensional object using three dimensional terminology and mathematics are pretty tricky.

YouTubers The Action Lab delved deep into this mystery with a recent video. They start out by examining what a being trapped in a two dimensional world would interpret a three dimensional object as - essentially just a flat shape, perceived by its inhabitants as a single line segment. As the object crossed through their two dimensional plane, it would change size depending on the cross-section that intersected it.

From there, they continue to extrapolate how our own three dimensional perceptions would interact with the four dimensional world. It would be an object that changed size in our dimension as it was moved through four dimensional space, and then vanished as it no longer intersected our space. It’s pretty brain-bending as a concept, but the visual illustration these guys come up with makes it easier to understand.

What do you think? Are there four dimensional beings out there invisible to our eyes, or is this all just a bunch of nonsense?